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The Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship for Young Musicians

Supporting young talent in creative arts, the Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship offers financial aid for middle and high school students passionate about music education.

Embracing Musical Dreams and Honoring a Legendary Legacy


Welcome to the Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship, a beacon of hope and support for aspiring middle and high school musicians. This scholarship is more than just financial aid; it's a tribute to the enduring legacy of Jacques Tolbert, a man whose life resonated with the rhythm of music.

Jacques Tolbert aka Quezmusic was not just passionate about music; he lived it. As a visionary music producer and the proud owner of HOT M4 Radio, Jacques dedicated his life to the beats and melodies that connect us all. His enthusiasm for music was contagious, inspiring everyone around him. Jacques believed in the power of music to transform lives, to speak where words fail, and to bring joy to both the performer and the listener.

Today, we carry forward his legacy through the Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship. Aimed at nurturing young musicians, this program is a golden opportunity for students in middle and high school to advance their musical journey. Whether you dream of mastering the piano, captivating audiences with the violin, or leading the march with the trumpet, this scholarship is your stepping stone.

Here at Laura Tolbert LLC, we understand that the path to musical excellence is both challenging and rewarding. That's why we're committed to supporting the musical aspirations of young talents. The Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship is not just a fund; it's a promise to keep the melody alive in the hearts of young artists, just as Jacques would have wanted.

Join us in celebrating Jacques's life, his love for music, and his belief in the power of young musicians.

Apply for the Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship and take a step closer to realizing your musical dreams.

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Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship: Empowering Young Musical Talents

Fostering Dreams and Fueling Passions

Eligibility Requirements

Education Level: Middle School, High School

Field of Study:  Creative Arts  

Interest: Music

GPA:   Any

Scholarship Description

The Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship stands as a beacon of encouragement and support, specifically designed for passionate middle and high school students who are not just fond of music but are dedicated to mastering it. This scholarship is a tribute to the musical legacy of Jacques Tolbert, a man whose life was a symphony of inspiration and creativity.

At the heart of this scholarship is our commitment to financially support young musicians who show a profound dedication to learning and growing within their school's band program. Recognizing the challenges faced by many talented students, the scholarship aims to bridge the gap between dreams and reality by providing $500 to purchase a musical instrument of the student's choice. This support is more than just a monetary contribution; it's an investment in the future of music.

Eligibility for this prestigious award hinges on the following criteria:

  • Enrollment in a middle or high school program.

  • A demonstrated financial need that might otherwise hinder musical pursuits.

  • Active participation in their school's band program.

  • A demonstrated commitment to musical education and a desire for personal growth in this field.

  • Submission of a personal statement or essay detailing their journey in music, their aspirations, and why they deserve this scholarship.

Our evaluation process is thorough and thoughtful, spearheaded by a committee of esteemed music educators and professionals. Each application will be reviewed with an emphasis on musical talent, financial need, dedication to musical education, and the sincerity expressed in the personal statement.

The chosen recipient of the Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship will not only receive the financial means to purchase their desired instrument but also gain recognition at their school's band concerts. This recognition includes opportunities to perform, showcasing their talent and progress, and celebrating their achievements within their community.

This scholarship isn't just about financial aid; it's about opening doors to expansive musical knowledge and abilities. It's an opportunity for young musicians to chase their dreams, refine their skills, and share their music with the world. Our hope is that the Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship will ignite a lifelong passion for music in these young hearts, inspiring them to continue their journey in the melodious world of musical arts.

Application Process

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Selection Criteria for the Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship

Identifying Excellence in Music and Passion for Learning

The Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship prides itself on a fair and thorough evaluation process, aimed at discovering young musicians who not only show promise in their musical journey but also embody the spirit of dedication and growth. Our selection criteria are rooted in four core areas: musical talent, financial need, and commitment to musical education.

Evaluation by Experts

The scholarship applications are meticulously reviewed by a distinguished committee comprising experienced music educators and professionals. This panel brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for identifying potential musical prodigies.

Focus Areas:


Musical Talent:

We seek students who exhibit a natural aptitude and skill in music. This includes their technical ability, creative expression, and overall musicality. Applicants may be asked to provide recordings or proof of performances to demonstrate their talent.


Financial Need:

Recognizing that financial barriers can hinder talented musicians from reaching their full potential, our scholarship prioritizes students who demonstrate a genuine need for financial support. Applicants will be required to provide information that reflects their financial situation, ensuring that the scholarship aids those who need it most.


Commitment to Musical Education:


Holistic Review:

More than just innate talent, we value a student's dedication to learning and improving their musical skills. This includes their participation in school band programs, private lessons, or self-directed learning. We look for signs of perseverance, resilience, and a continuous desire to grow musically.

The evaluation process is not just about ticking boxes; it's a holistic review of each applicant's unique journey in music. The personal statement or essay plays a crucial role, giving insights into the student's passion for music, their personal and musical growth, and how the scholarship will impact their future in music.

The final decision will be made based on a balanced consideration of these criteria. Our goal is to award the scholarship to a student who not only shows potential in music but also embodies the values and aspirations that Jacques Tolbert cherished during his lifetime.

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